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Myles Group is an organization of manufacturing and service companies with the capability to create and implement solutions.

Myles Group's long term objective of establishing a railroad operation became a reality with the acquisition of the Wellsboro & Corning Railroad and the Tioga Central Railroad in late 2007.

The Wellsboro & Corning Railroad is a 38-mile freight line, operating from Wellsboro, PA to Corning, NY with connections to Norfolk Southern and the Canadian Pacific.

The Tioga Central Railroad is a passenger train operation with both excursion and charter trains.

TransRail North America is a rail terminal service and operations company. Utilizing rail associated products, TransRail North America provides logistics solutions and terminal service operations including rail car transloading, cleaning, and repair programs.

All Myles Group companies are green companies dedicated to the reduction of pollution, fuel use and demand of foreign oil. We practice recycling, adopting clean technologies, and working with public agencies and other partners to promote environmental stewardship.

Myles Group principles: A. T. Myles, Chief Executive Officer, President, A. T. Myles IV, Chief Financial Officer and W. B. Myles, Chief Operating Officer